Can we connect lock to video door bell or any other device?

No. We don’t provide such option for safety.

Do you have any local Dealer or Shop to see lock?

No. We sell only online on Amazon, Indiamart and our website. Locks are costly products and no dealer want to keep it in stock.

Who will do the lock Installation?

Denler locks can be installed by any carpenter. We provide tech support on call, video call also manuals and videos link is provided with lock. We don’t provide installation service as of now.

How much is the lock Battery Life?

Locks DFL & DL04 have inbuilt Lithium battery that lasts upto 6 months depending on use. DA4 model needs AA Alkaline batteries like Duracell or Rechargeable batteries, that can last upto 12 months due to low power consumption. All models have low battery alarm.

How 3D face Recognition works in model DFL?

DFL is intelligent next gen lock that recognizes the face in 3D structure that is so safe that it can’t be unlocked using photo or video. Just stand in front of lock around 2.5 to 3 feet and lock will sense you recognize face if stored. Add upto 100 face, fingerprints, PINs, IC cards.

How does the remote unlocking feature works?

DFL & DL04 model has inbuilt remote unlocking feature unlocking using app. See photo of visitor in notification when door bell is pressed to remote unlock using app. You also get notification of each lock and unlock operation.

Does lock have emergency Unlocking option?

Unlocking using manual key provided with lock in case of emergency. Lock also has charging D port to emergency unlock using power bank.

Is the lock safe ? What’s the lock Strength?

All models are heavy duty lock made from zinc alloy weighs around 4 kgs. It has safety alarm when someone tries to remove lock from door.

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