Oppo to hold a photography-related event next week

Earlier today, Oppo India VP and Head of R&D Tasleem Arif took to Twitter to tease a camera-centric event and we just so happened to receive an invite in our mail revealing the keynote is scheduled to take place on August 19 at 12 noon IST time.

Hey #OPPOHumans we are working on something exciting to transform your 📱camera experience forever🙌🏻Interested to know how❓ I wish I could tell you more, but I am bound by embargo..Any guesses what’s cooking at OPPO 🧐#CameraExpertOPPO #OPPOAlwaysAhead⚡ pic.twitter.com/3JAsrdmEZd— Tasleem #CameraExpertOPPO🇮🇳 (@tasleemarifk) August 13, 2021